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Stay rock ‘n’ roll at a gig on your period

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You bagged a few tickets before they sold out, you listened to every album in anticipation – including the B-sides that even the band can’t remember doing – and when the gig finally comes round you’re on your period. Not ideal.

But hey, that shouldn’t stop you enjoying the evening.  A few top tips:



Things are going to get hot in a crowd, so opt for light, loose-fitting clothes – avoid any heavy denim or skin-tight tops. And ditch the jumpsuit too, unless you fancy stripping off in a sweaty toilet or a well-loved portaloo. If you’re on your period before the gig begins, you might want to double-up with a tampon and a pad or liner. And if you’re not on yet but think you might be, whack in a pantyliner just in case.


Of course bring emergency tampons or pads, but don’t forget the all-important toilet essentials: loo roll, hand sanitiser, baby wipes. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to a ‘nice’ gig at a ‘nice’ venue and found the toilets to be a scene from the Walking Dead. I always pinch some of those napkins they have at bars too – better to be safe than sorry.


Yes, the loos. There’s the queue, there’s the mess, there’s the risk that you’ll end up touching something dirty… it’s not always a pleasant experience. If you have a lovely friend see if they can make a show of solidarity and come with you. At least during the support act, anyway.


At least the one thing a period shouldn’t spoil is your boogie. Cramps often improve with a bit of movement and obviously a tampon should keep you leak-free whether you’re skanking, moshing, raving or double-gunning (you know who you are).

With any luck, you won’t spend the whole gig in the toilet and you’ll be able to, you know, actually have fun.