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Tired of tampons?

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Breaking news! The convenient, compact, colourful bag I put my tampons / pads in to nip to the bathroom has become redundant. That’s right ladies. Today, some of the options out there when it comes to sanitary protection don’t even need to be smuggled into the toilet! Shame, because I really liked that bag.


At first glance this looks like a funnel shaped piece of medical equipment, but really it’s not that scary at all. Kind of like an egg-cup made of silicone, this little device slips inside your vagina and stays put all day to collect menstrual blood. It forms a secure seal, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks – although it might take a little getting used to, so you may want to wear a pantyliner the first few days, just in case.

I’d say that’s worth it for the comfort factor though. Tampons can absorb up to 35% of vaginal moisture, leaving you feeling dry and irritated. This isn’t a problem with the Mooncup. The medical-grade silicone is “so comfortable you won’t feel it’s there” and there’s no risk of fibres being left behind.

Also, there’s no worrying about packing a variety of tampons / pads for different flows. The Mooncup holds 3 times more than a regular tampon, so is suitable for the lightest flow, to the heaviest. Plus, it’s reusable – so more cash in your pocket and less damage to the environment. Double win!



If I said to you “period pants” you’d probably think of you biggest, safest, oldest pair of knickers. Well, Thinx again. (See what I did there?) Thinx is rebranding the period pant. They’ve designed knickers that have super thin but super absorbent layers in them. The most absorbent pants hold up to two tampons worth of blood, so you can wear them alone or to back-up other methods you use.

I know, I know, it does sound a little bit like a nappy, but I’m assured it’s not. They certainly don’t look like a nappy. In fact, they look quite sexy. There are six available options, from hiphugger to thongs, so you can choose a look that suits your style and flow.

On the laundry front, they’re just like normal knickers – one cold wash later and they’re ready to go again. If you’re not convinced it’s worth checking out their site anyway – they actually use models that have stretchmarks and don’t airbrush them. So refreshing.



Period sex. A lot of the time you avoid it at all costs. Mainly because of the mess right? I mean, sometimes when you’re on your period you just really want sex. Thanks hormones. But the idea of all that blood, and putting a towel down or having to clean the sheets just takes all the fun out of it. But what if I told you that mess-free fun was now an option…

*Drum roll* Introducing Flex! This is a neat little disc, designed and launched this year by two women. “The edge” of the disc warms to your body temperature and moulds to your shape to create a seal. “The catch” safely collects menstrual fluid, won’t puncture or leak and has creases which trap the blood during removal.

Whether you have a heavy or light flow Flex will keep you dry for 12 hours. And the best part? Unlike a tampon or cup it sits above the vaginal canal, meaning sex is possible without removing it – yay! So if you get that feeling, go right ahead, but remember to use a condom or other form of contraception – Flex won’t protect you from STIs or pregnancies. Also, make sure to throw it away after use. Unlike the above methods, this one is disposable.


Too much?

If you’re not quite ready to Flex the type of sanitary protection you use, there are still a couple of alternatives you can Thinx about. (Ok, I’ll stop now). Maybe you want to be a bit more eco-friendly, but without changing the style of protection you’re used to. We’ve got you covered…

Both sanitary towels and tampons can be reusable. They work in exactly the same way as disposable items except they’re made from cloth (pads), or are crotched (tampons). This means that as long as you wash and sterilise them thoroughly, you can use them again and again. Cost-effective right? If you’re intrigued there are plenty of options on, or


Who knew there were so many options? And if any of you are worrying about my previously redundant bag, don’t. Luckily I’ve thought of a new use for it; make-up. Much more fun.

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